Tom Allan & The Strangest - Dear Boy - CD
Tom Allan & The Strangest - Dear Boy - CD

Are "Tom Allan & The Strangest" the future of Rock'n'Roll? Who knows? And most of all - who cares? What is sure is that they, who dream of bringing back honest energy, melodious hook lines wrapped up with rough guitar sounds, melancholy and most of all attitude to the pop world, are highly talented young musicians and lyricists who can take the best from the recent history of music and modernize it and transport it to the present age. Until now, this is the last chapter of this romantic story and one hopes it is going to continue forever, as with all good stories.

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Formats: CD
Released: November 16th 2018
Catalogue #: CH111
Label: Clouds Hill

Tom Allan & The Strangest - Dear Boy - CD

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  1. 2 Fingers Up
  2. Walks Like Chaplin
  3. Know It All
  4. By My Side
  5. Burn The Bridges
  6. Emergency Call
  7. Sensation
  8. Youthful Breasts
  9. Sing A Song
  10. Sense In Working