Scams - Live At Clouds Hill - 10"
Scams - Live At Clouds Hill - 10"

The "... Live at Clouds Hill" series has been around for several years now. Everything started in 2011 with an improvised “Krautrock” performance of extra class. Faust & Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Jean-Hervé Perón fell backwards with a running chainsaw and slit Rodriguez-Lopez' jeans and only with luck not his leg open. Since then, great bands like Nissennenmondai (JP), Bosnian Rainbows (US), Wargirl (US), Dillon (D), Kolars (US) or Peter Doherty (UK) have been guests and honoured the holy halls of Clouds Hill Studios with grandiose live performances. These performances in front of fans and friends are recorded on tape and mixed live. With the last played tone the recording is finished and can be cut on vinyl. Imperfection as a concept. As a carrier of emotions.

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Formats: 10"
Released: November 8th 2013
Catalogue #: CH044
Label: Clouds Hill

Scams - Live At Clouds Hill - 10"

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  1. Be A Gentleman
  2. Lifeboats
  3. Lost For Words
  4. It's War
  5. Pyramids
  6. The Gunfighter
  7. There's No Shame In Revenge