Kraków Loves Adana - On/Off - 7"
Kraków Loves Adana - On/Off - 7"

In 2010 Kraków Loves Adana created a minimalistic but yet captivating work with their debut album "Beauty" which found both critics' and audiences approval. A feeling of premonition in form of distance and fragility was implied on "Beauty". This feeling is becoming concreter but also more gloomy and more demanding with "On / Off". Not only the sound but also the voice of the singer Deniz Cicek gained maturity and awareness.

This is the first single from the album "Interview".

Product Details:
Formats: 7"
Released: November 11th 2011
Catalogue #: CH033
Label: Clouds Hill

Kraków Loves Adana - On/Off - 7"

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  1. On / Off
  2. Skin & Bones (Piano)