Kraków Loves Adana - Interview
Kraków Loves Adana - Interview
Kraków Loves Adana - Interview

"Songs are as sad as the listener" (J.S.Foer)

Kraków Loves Adana hold an interview with themselves. Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann listened deep within. An intense self-reflection resulting in one of the most ambitious and abstractly emotional pop albums in recent years.

"No, you shouldn't care, what the others say, they're afraid of us." Already the opening track, "Avantgarde" from Kraków Loves Adana's second album "Interview", conveys a solid idea of which direction the album is headed: away from imitation, tried-and-true models or even sticking to the trends, and toward a very original portrait of both band members. If every musical goal sounded the way it does for these two young folks from Freiburg, there'd be only one piece of advice for all the other musicians out there: Follow suit!

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Formats: CD / LP
Released: February 24th 2012
Catalogue #: CH034
Label: Clouds Hill

Kraków Loves Adana - Interview

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  1. Avantgarde
  2. On / Off
  3. For Those Who Think Young
  4. Silver Screen
  5. Brother
  6. Skin & Bones
  7. Monsters Hide In The Dark
  8. Smoke Gets In Her Eyes
  9. Sit In The Movies And Cry
  10. Montmartre