Kraków Loves Adana - Beauty

Kraków Loves Adana - Beauty

Kraków Loves Adana - Beauty

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Personal ... minimalistic … passionate … it’s not easy to describe the sound of German duo Kraków Loves Adana.

Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann use very little instrumentation. Yet, it isn’t really what you’d call guitar music. At least not in the traditional singer-songwriter sense. Deniz Cicek’s voice is quite complex and Robert Heitmann accompanies her with very simple, distorted sounds - creating very dense and haunting songs.

Tracks like “Wolves” or “Cold/Closed” start soft, almost brittle and build up to a loud, hissing and roaring wall of sound leaving Deniz battling the noise singing “Love was always a fragile kind of truth”.

"Beauty" is the first album by Kraków Loves Adana.

  1. Geistermanier
  2. 1993
  3. Cold And Closed
  4. A 60's Troubadour
  5. Peripety/Catastrophe
  6. ~
  7. Red Paperclips
  8. Iron Heart
  9. Wolves
  10. Porcelain
  11. Slowly Floating Blood

Product Details:
Formats: LP
Released: July 02th 2010
Catalogue #: CH015
Label: Clouds Hill