Allie - Uncanny Valley

Allie - Uncanny Valley

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If this adoptive Berliner with a voice like a whisper has just revived Jeddy 3 as the title track to his third album "Uncanny Valley", it's not only to give a heartfelt nod to Grandaddy, the recently re-grouped garage-space-combo headed by analog synth disciple Jason Lytle. It's also a reference to the underlying theme at the core of his debut for Clouds Hill. Namely: deep within this uncanny valley of mystical promise lies the easy frustration of disappointment. Here Patti Smith encounters Jesus, a car salesman meets a fortune teller, even Batman gets a bloody nose and songs are written for girls that can hardly dance to them.

Producer Johann Scheerer and drummer Tim Schierenbeck helped add fullness to the songs "Patti", "Real Highlights", "Try To Hold Her Hand One Day" or "Love Is Quinine" with rhythmic patterns, electronic textures and swathes of sounds without any stifling overkill. And a little pop appeal resonates between "Mayo" and "Number 1".

  1. Patti
  2. Real Highlights
  3. Mayo
  4. Why I Like Baseball
  5. Speed Boat Ride
  6. Number 1
  7. Love Is Quinine
  8. Try To Hold Her Hand One Day
  9. A Million Little Fibers
  10. Carseller
  11. Uncanny Valley

Product Details: Formats: CD / LP
Released: March 1st 2013
Catalogue #: CH052
Label: Clouds Hill