Gewalt - Paradies - LP

Gewalt - Paradies - LP

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After five years and countless 7 inches, Gewalt is releasing their first long-player.

Gewalt: "We want our organic instruments to match the coldness of their machine counterparts". When New York producer "Alexander Almgren" started mixing, he wrote: "my god, those guitars, they kill“.

This is not the sound of rock with a capital R but the sound of hammer strikng a gong. He went on to say: "I went to the Aphex Twin show in Berlin at the Funkhaus a couple of years ago, listening to Gewalt brings back to me that feeling of concrete".

  1. Gier
  2. Es funktioniert
  3. Unterwerfung Stirb es gleich
  4. Jahrhundertfick
  5. Paradies
  6. Manchmal Wage ich mich unter Leute
  7. Die Wand
  8. Stumpfer werden
  9. 3:35 Uhr

Product Details:
Formats: LP
Released: November 5, 2021
Catalogue #: CH290
Label: Clouds Hill