Turbostaat - Stadt Der Angst - CD

Turbostaat - Stadt Der Angst - CD

Turbostaat - Stadt Der Angst - CD

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Since 14 years, Turbostaat is one of the most exceptional, opinionated and exciting German Punk bands.

This album "Stadt der Angst" is a matter-of-fact survey of economical, social and personal crises. It’s about fear, desperation, frustration and it‘s about taking a stand on hopelessness, on fucking loneliness and doubt.

The melancholy remains. For this album, Turbostaat again worked with producer Moses Schneider and recorded at Clouds Hill Recordings, the studio of high renown belonging to their new record label Clouds Hill in Hamburg. All songs were played in a live situation and recorded using only analog vintage equipment, representing the sincerity and immediacy of this band.

  1. Eine Stadt Gibt Auf
  2. Phobos Grunt
  3. Tut Es Doch Weh
  4. Psychoreal
  5. Sohnemann Heinz
  6. Fresendelf
  7. Alles Bleibt Konfus
  8. Snervt
  9. Pestperle
  10. In Dunkelhaft
  11. Willenshalt
  12. Sohnemann Zwei

Product Details:
Formats: CD / LP
Released: April 05th 2013
Catalogue #: CH054
Label: Clouds Hill